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This is where hard work meets passion

Our Purpose

Intravate Consultants purpose is to provide valuable guidance and recommendations aimed at advancing your business. We only have one motto: Moving Your Business Forward

Strategic Planning

Intravate Consultants specializes in branding. Our team focuses on creating a comprehensive brand identity for your campaign, encompassing everything from color schemes to campaign taglines. We believe everything matters when we represent a candidate, so we are extremely meticulous when creating your brand identity.


Communicating effectively with your potential customer base is vital to your business, we at Intravate Consultants understand. To grow your business, you have to attract and retain customers. Through extensive research, Intravate Consultants can target a specific audience for your product or service, in addition to identifying competitors. We assist our clients in determining the needs of their customers while developing a message to increase brand awareness

How It's Done

Results are all that matters



Creative Director of Intravate Consultants

"Everything matter...I mean Everything"

Meet Jd Craigman

My career in marketing began over 15 years ago and almost everything in marketing had changed entirely. With the birth of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the digital market was the “new thing,” and I was determined to master it. I launched my first small business in 2010 and I was able to utilize everything learned in the digital marketing space, paired with my understanding of people to become successful. As I started networking with local business owners and operators, I discovered that a significant pain point for them was marketing, which is something that I love.

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Mr. Craigman is an amazing professional and expert in branding and marketing. He took the time to listen and get to know our brand story. He seems to master getting brands exposed through modern digital channels that propel companies to the future. He grew our social media platform in 9 weeks into a revenue-generating center that exceeded our expectations. We would definitely recommend any person or business looking to have their story told in this new digital space to Mr. Craigman. He is prompt, efficient and has an amazing eye for quality design, He also stands by his work which is rare in today's marketplace. We know we have a digital branding partner and visionary for all of our future projects in Mr. Craigman.

Mr. Craigman I would like to take the time out to thank you for your professionalism, and advice throughout the processing of branding and marketing my business. The logo you created is just as I imagined it, and it represents the feel of my company. My website is phenomenal and I've gotten many compliments on it. I appreciate the constant communication, and you being available whenever I needed information. You rock!

I appreciate the thought and care you put into my brand. The color palette you sent was amazing, there is no reason my colors are off. I can always count on exceptional service from you and this time was no different.

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